“HEAVEN” | Ca$h Of The Day


Melbourne based Nasty Mars has been a name that’s floated around the Australian music scene for a few years now. If you had listened to a Nasty Mars track a few years ago, you would’ve heard 808 beats and raps… how things have changed! The Nasty Mars we now know in 2018 is all smouldering vocals and the most moving, goosebump-inducing soul sounds supplied by the band The Martians, consisting of Nathan (guitar), Cedric (keys), Jordan (drums) & Daniel (bass).

A great example of this is his single, “Heaven”. A reflection of who he is, “Heaven” brings an honest, hopeful opinion on civil rights, music and life in the world of Nasty Mars. Musically, everything is beautiful, and the vocals are – heavenly – literally. If you like The Internet, Frank Ocean, and Erykah Badu, then this one is for you.

Check out “Heaven” via Spotify below 💰


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