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📷 – Sticks And Stones Agency

Bout a week ago, Phillabu$trr dropped some visuals worthy of all the praise, “Get You Off” Prod. DeliPres flips the typical swaggy rapper & dispensable / over-sexualised female scenario we unfortunately see all to often. “The concept is subverting the male gaze and punishment of my misogyny. Most people in hip hop use women as objects, I wanted to give the power to the female subject in this video. The lyrics are misogynistic, the visuals challenge that, I love the irony.” – Phillabu$trr

With Phillabu$trr telling Life Without Andy that he has 82 unreleased songs ready to go next year, the cash flow coming out this boundary pushing Syd-sider stays constant 💰

Check out the music video VIA Youtube below 💰


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