Although relatively new-comers to the hip-hop scene in Australia, Melbourne’s Hp Boyz have broken down numerous barriers and perceived glass-ceilings with their infectious and unique sound taking them gworldwide from their Hampton Park roots in recent months. Made up of the laidback trio of Onit, YJ and Mway on the microphone, the chemistry between the three is clear for all to see and have carved out a lane for themselves over perfectly suited beats which complements their individual diverse styles. Inspiring a generation of young Islanders around Australia who see a new potential for themselves thanks to acts like HP and Onefour.

HP Boyz x Onefour were recently locked in a studio session with Junor at AUD’$ HQ – Marshall Street Studios. 

Their debut track “Blueprint” took hip hop in Australia by storm back in May and quickly found significantly international rotation. Presenting a different side and visuals to Australia to what is commonly portrayed, the three have blended excellent songwriting with smooth delivery to great effect. Following up with the highly anticipated and ultimately cinematic track “Engineers” in early August, HP showed their growing fanbase what to  expect as they build towards their debut full release now full of steam.

Proving that they are here to stay, Hp Boyz released “Bad N Bouj” in September, potentially their biggest hit yet, to make it three from three –  a surprise to no one.An obvious play and reinterpretation in part on the popular track from Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert from late 2016, Hp Boyz certainly leave their own mark on the phrase with a stellar lyrically intertwined offering against the backdrop of their Melbourne city. Currently playing sold out shows throughout Australia, expect to see Hp Boyz continue to take their unique sound and brand worldwide over the coming months/years as they amass millions of views and streams across their growing catalogue.

HP Boyz are headlining the first ever No Limit Fest in Sydney this weekend before heading on their debut tour of NZ. Suss their socials for details and keep a close eye 

Article guest written by @thewriterau of @thelessonlsn for AUD’$. 

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