Issa celebration as the court ruled today, and WEBBY IS FREE. So what does mans do? Releases a joint EP w/ Elapidae and gives AUD’$ the drop 😏💰

#FREEWEBBY“, which Elapidae describes as “a pure result of 6am recording sessions fueled by hunger and substances“, was accomplished at Nagels over two weeks and spans 4 tracks, Steve Cartel jumping on prod for “Where I Be“. The EP is an invite to celebrate Webby’s freedom, and breathe a collective sigh of relief with the Alcoholic FamilyElapidae told AUD’$ this afternoon “Webby free now, but for a minute there we was damn scared he was gone get locked up, n that’s my fucking brother. His court case was today, but he gucci now. He got a CCO (Community Corrections Order), we gucccciii“. All is well that ends well on the east side, Webby is free, heat is off, we still got away wit the ca$h tho.

Check out #FREEWEBBY via Soundcloud below 🔥


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