If you’ve been posted up under a rock, on the 7th of October Cairns saw it’s first hip hop/rap mini fest CROP CULTURE, thanks to G O A T Productions. G O A T is an outfit of three very different individuals that share the same enthusiasm for music, and boiii have they been doing huge things for the culture, all in a lil’ lane-way up north.

Recap by Ehostie:

What’s going on in your Alley!! Get down and get amongst it! Travel like a local! Party like a local!! This is what we are all about. If you want to get involved and be apart of our team >>>www.ehostie.com <<< click on the link! Share local events like this with travellers and newcomers. follow us @ehostie on instagram. SHOUTOUT to G O A T for organising a great mini fest. ???????? Crop Culture 2017!

Posted by Ehostie – Travel like a local on Sunday, 22 October 2017

Time to meet the GOATS:

⬆️ Tyler Ryan (right)
Manager and founder

⬆️ Carli Willis (left)
Media and public relations

⬇️ Albert Daganayasi (right)
Client liaison and talent scout

“The moment we began our journey, the music community began to reach out to us. It became obvious that change was desirable. Along the way we’ve built a relationship with a few of these people, and received overwhelming support – it would have been impossible to achieve what we have without it.

Two key concepts lie at the heart of our ultimate goal to cultivate young artists out of their comfort zone, and into the professional arena. The first is to bring established artists to Cairns to perform at our events and interact with our burgeoning crop. Keeping it local is our second key concept – we hold it close to us to nurture and promote our local talent (🙌). Key concept number one only serves the purpose of key concept number two.

GOAT aims to diversify the music culture in Cairns and the Far North, shatter industry paradigms and provide encouragement to up and coming artists. We knew support for hip-hop was tenuous, however had no idea just how big the culture was for it, and growing. So, our purpose has taken on new meaning, and we promise to bring more support to hip-hop culture in Cairns, and hopefully remodel the face of hip-hop in the region.

Midas.Gold accepting the invitation to CROP CULTURE, meant the world to the artists and to us. Our artists knew and respected Midas’ work. They saw this as an opportunity to be a part of something, even if they were not entirely sure of what that was. Uncle Red, a Cairns-born, Melbourne-based artist flew himself home to be a part of this. This made us aware that this was a movement. It was always going to be about our crop, and about culture, but it seemed to take on a life of it’s own.”

Minds and hearts like these ^^^ are the reason the culture is at a precipice right now. A movement is made up of many people, these GOATS are here to stay.

Midas.Gold @ CROP CULTURE 


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