“CREATRESS” [EP] | Ca$h Of The Day


Syd-based NARDEAN heard the demand and has delivered with her first EP, CREATRESS. CREATRESS arrived on May 9 has already begun adding to her rising popularity, the success of her last release, ‘Nothing Matters’ being premiered on Red Bull Australia and added to Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’, plus Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, all while garnering immense support from Triple J and being added to rotation on FBI Radio 🔥

The opening track, a spoken word poem titled ‘Awareness,’ puts you in the perfect headspace properly receive this dense, yet bright and easy listening record. Jam packed with everything from stunning sounds, emotive and thought provoking lyrics, to huge diversity – expect everything from poetry, gorgeous melodies, Middle Eastern guitar, trap style hi-hats and even a chorus sung to her by a friend in a dream on Pyramids. In Nardean’s own words, “It starts with finding out that perhaps everything we’ve been taught to believe is … a load of shit. We then experience anger at the people who fed us these stories, only to realise it is up to us to CREATE the stories we want to live, and we may as well enjoy ourselves in the process.”

Check out Creatress Via Soundcloud below 💰




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