Alright let’s line up the ca$h in this new music video for ‘Clap Clap‘ by Miss Blanks rq:
– 1 empowered dominatrix baddie MC, Miss Blanks, rapping whilst restraining two dudes on leashes.

– 1 big bed, fulla bad bitches & they bubblegum queen in the middle.

– We got that good tomtom production.

– We got Que Film Collective adding another A+ to their portfolio of superior visuals, in the form of some striking black and white.

– We got an addictive hook that could rise a bad bitch out of anyone.
BNE gone n done a damn good thing when they unleashed Miss Blanks onto the world. This ain’t no song, this is a weapon, that’s fr 💰.
Check out the visuals for ‘Clap Clap‘ below & let us know what you think.


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