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Good afternoon Ca$hies, and welcome to another edition of Ca$h of the Day! Today’s Ca$h come’s from Melbourne’s finest, rapper and producer Kwasi and his fellow producer HFNR. Together, they’ve created Cabin Fever Vol.1, a series of cuts made during studio sessions at “The Cabin” – Kwasis personal home studio. Firstly let me just say – this is not what you’d expect from your classic Hip-Hop Melbourne duo. Each track has a metallic futuristic production to it, yet each track is different from the last, leaving you wanting more.

There’s plenty of great features on Cabin Fever Vol. 1, with the likes of Lakyn, Sophie Grophy, and Travy P coming in to play. Let’s start with Graveyard featuring Lakyn, a track that has a sad undertone to it, with Lakyn stepping out of his normal vocal comfort zone to drop some heavy bars. Then you’ve got the second track of the EP, titled Paradise. Let’s just say this song is not what you’d imagine a track called Paradise to be like, as this song goes hard. Paradise is Kid Cudi-esque vibe, with Kwasi’s effortless vocals and HFNR’s banging production creating a soulful, intellectual track.

By track 3, Love is Drugs, there’s no denying that Kwasi and HFNR have not held anything back when it comes to Cabin Fever Vol. 1. Love is Drugs features the beautiful Sophie Grophy, and as always she kills her verse proving that girls really do run the world. Sophie Grophy perfectly compliments Kwasi’s vocals, by both juxtaposing his sound and matching his energy on Love is Drugs. Ain’t Stressin, Brainless, and Counting Lines are just tracks that really showcase how perfect HFNR and Kwasi are together as artists. Between the complex beats and intellectual lyrics, there’s no stopping these two.

Head Trigger featuring Travy P is arguably the best beat on Cabin Fever Vol. 1, with the track throwing around the theme of being the best, beating the best, and “living right”. Honestly, they’ve got reason to boast. Cabin Fever Vol. 1 is a perfectly executed EP, as it’s both unique in sound yet fits in the current new wave vibe that you see coming out of Australia at the moment.

Check out Cabin Fever via Soundcloud below 💰

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