“BLUE SKY PARADISE” [EP] | Ca$h of The Day



April 6 finally saw the release of a massive debt project from Melbourne based FrançoisTunes titled ‘Blue Sky Paradise.’ The EP spans 7 tracks, two of which, ShowMeLuv & NoWorries were released prior to the full project. In François’ own words, the project represents growth and opening up, it is a world where he can express his emotions – “I set out to manifest a vibe where whoever is listening can relate to a few pages out of my story, from my anxiety issues, relationships with family and girls I’ve dated. all these moments are layered over a bed of bright/vibrant production to represent the lens i’m looking at everything though, tongue in cheek stuff mixed in there and all for an overall optimistic and uplifting experience in the life of.

To celebrate the release of ‘Blue Sky Paradise,François will be throwing what is set to be one huge event, his first ever launch. Saturday, June 23 @ The Penny Black in Melbourne, supports TBA.

Check out Blue Sky Paradise via Spotify below 💰



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