ANOTHER DOSE” Prod. Melanin 9 is the moody, hard-hitting and highly emotive new offering from Brisbane-based recording artist and rising rap sensation RARI.

Accompanied by confronting & raw imagery of RARI and his clique, served up by none other than Brisbane cinematographer Marxet, “ANOTHER DOSE” draws the listener a little closer into RARI’s world. It serves as a juxtaposition jab to the ribs, following up on his debut release “FOR YOU”, which explored a much brighter narrative than “ANOTHER DOSE”’s dark, seething, rap-dominated presence. This is yet another stellar piece of art from a young artist in the ever-growing BNE. RARI’sANOTHER DOSE” serves as a reminder of the life in our underbelly; the gems in the mind of our broken youth. Rock on or fuck off.

Ca$hest Lyrics:
“I’m really on top, I hit the missionary up on the roof
My destiny includes a bad bitch up in a coup”

I’m in touch with the finer stuff
Ain’t nobody fly as us
My weed is fucking diamond dust

Check out the official music video for “Another Dose” VIA Facebook below 💰


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