A lineup of brave artists that have proven themselves to be unwavering in the face of adversity are set to take the stage at Rock Against Racism. A new music event designed by non-for-profit, national anti-racism organization All Together Now with support from Multicultural NSW and The Music, brought to fruition by funding from the NSW government. The event is in the hope to educate more people about racism, and encourage more conversations about it.

Rock Against Racism will be held 7th of December at Manning Bar, Sydney, and coming through for the cause are Ngaiire, L Fresh The LionB Wise, Thandi Phoenix and Kayla Truth 💰💰💰

“We believe everybody needs to have a good understanding of what racism is so that they are empowered to act when they witness it. One in five Australians experienced racism over the past year, and we know from research that one way to reduce this statistic is by all of us challenging racism wherever it occurs.”
– Priscilla Brice, All Together Now Managing Director.

Rock Against Racism is designed to bring the national conversation out of the shadows and provide a safe space for encouraging more young people to speak out.

Get your tickets VIA Manning Bar & check out RACI$T/OUR WORLD by creator for changeL-FRESH THE LION below.
Lyrics by Genius
See you there, Syd 💰


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