10 Band$ [The Ca$hest Tracks I’m playing in the Clubs RN]


Hey ca$h fam! It’s ya boy SONIC VIBES. You’ve seen me in the AUD’$ Radio studios, caught me in the clubs, now welcome to my first edition of 10 Band$ [The Ca$hest Tracks I’m playing in the Clubs RN]. Each month I’ll be putting together a list of the 10 songs I’m feeling the most and that I’m spinning regularly. These first 10 are my favourites from what’s been a HUGE summer.

Ca$h me playing my 10 Band$ either in-store at Culture Kings Melbourne on a Wednesday or Friday, or out at any of my Melbourne weekend DJ slots at Laundry Bar, Fashion Fridays, We Are Vintage & 9th District. Follow me on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and let me know what tracks you’re feeling! 💰💰

Everyday (prod. by DOPAMINE) – Manu Crook$

One word – BANGER. It’s been out for a minute, and I know he’s dropped more recent stuff (Assumptions is another one I love!) but this is my go-to track that’s guaranteed to make everyone in the club lose their s**t! It’s already become an anthem everywhere I go.

Cabana (prod. by DOPAMINE) – Anfa Rose

Again DOPAMINE slayed this beat. Personally at the moment, this is my favourite track from one of my Aus artists. Everything from the production to his vocals is on point. After bumping “Drugs” so hard, it took me a couple of listens to this new one but once I took it all in my mind was blown.

Who Dat? – Nico Ghost

The hook alone on this song is enough to make anyone love it. If you ain’t screaming “Bitch I’m Ghost!” by the end of this joint then you’re crazy. Another one of my favourite artists who I think is a bit underrated. Nico’s got a real deep catalogue.

Rush – William Singe

Arguably one of the country’s biggest artists right now globally. I couldn’t get enough of Will’s covers online and now he’s absolutely delivered on his debut single. If you ever get a chance to watch him live, I highly recommend it as he plays a heap of unreleased original material. Definitely looking forward to his upcoming EP/Album later in the year.

Straight To The Bank – Kaè x Droopo

First time I heard this in the AUD’$ Radio studios, I knew I had to play it straight away. The way Kaè and Droopo go back and forth, their chemistry together – is flawless. One of the craziest things I’ve seen was these guys doing it live last week. I’m watching theses cats closely.

Work.It.Out – Midas.Gold

Catchy af. Everyone in the club sings this when it comes on. There’s something about that Midas.Gold flow that automatically gets you turnt up and ready to party. Looking forward to some new ca$h from the man from Brisbane.

Problem – GXNXVS & CVIRO

Could not get this song off repeat when I first heard it. Hands down GXNXVS is my favourite producer in Australia. The guy cannot do anything wrong! And when he combines with CVIRO it’s heavenly. I featured this track in my most recent mix for Culture Kings, it’s such a vibe.

Midnight – Royce Drixhen

This one’s very chill. Definitely a track I like dropping early in my sets to set the mood. I was bumping my head from the very first listen to this song – everything from the bass line to Royce’s auto-tuned vocals just sits perfectly.

Potential (I See) – Lord Levi

I love catchy hooks and here’s another one. Levi’s deep voice compliments this Quentin Miller beat – which I lowkey think is better than the original haha. This guy has bars, natural flow and a unique voice; no wonder it’s got over 60k plays on Soundcloud!

Bandito – Kwasi x HFNR

The connection between these boys is undeniable as they just keep blessing us with bangers! New WVS signings came through with this one and I’m sure there’s more on the way. This that real 2am, wylin’ out, drunk on the dancefloor, ignorant type turn up. You know the one haha!


[10 Band$ is a monthly blast highlighting the ca$hest tracks for the clubs, brought to you by one of Australia’s most in demand hip-hop DJ’s Sonic Vibes]

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