10 Band$ [The Ca$hest Tracks I’m Playing In The Clubs RN] Edition #2


It’s ya boy SONIC VIBES back with a new edition of 10 Band$[The Ca$hest Tracks I’m playing in the Clubs RN] and boy have there been some crazy tracks in the mix lately!!

I’ve put together a pretty eclectic list his time round for your listening pleasure; some RNB, some hip-hop and even some cool electronic chill type vibes. All of these tracks have been getting great responses both live and online, with plenty of requests coming my way in-store at Culture Kings Melbourne on Wednesdays & Fridays. In the clubs ya’ll been hitting me up asking for that ca$h and I’m more than happy to give the people what they want!

Catch me weekly at one or more of Laundry Bar, Fashion Fridays, We Are Vintage & 9th District and let me know what you think of these tracks! Otherwise follow me on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to let me know which joints you’re vibing! 💰💰

Whine 4 Me (ft. Kaye Styles) – Donell Lewis & Kennyon Brown

I can’t get enough of this song. Everywhere I go people are requesting it. That reggae vibe is infectious, and to see these boys go Number 1 on the iTunes charts was massive. I love the whole album. Make sure you cop it.

24/7 (ft. Manu Crook$) – Travy P

Everything here just works. Manu & Travy combine perfectly on a huge turn up track which pumps me up every time I hear it. I played at the WVS BIG SWELL showcase the other week and watching the room go nuts to this one was one of the highlights of the night.

OMW! (prod. by Miracle & DOPAM!NE) – i.e.

I didn’t know much about i.e before this joint but he’s fast becoming one of my favourite new artists. There’s something mysterious about this one which has you playing it on repeat and picking up something new every time. I’m already waiting on his next drop!

Money On You (ft. Rydah) – DJ Nino Brown

That slight UK accent adds a nice flavour to this song which I’ve been dropping into club sets amongst bigger jams and the dancefloor has responded! DJ Nino Brown is a name that’s been around forever so it’s dope to see him collabing with cats like Rydah and putting together something really current.

Pandemonium ft. BMIke (prod. by Dopamine x Miracle) – Xeus

I feel like every week there’s a crazy new tune out with Dopamine & Miracle on the boards – these guys are an absolute powerhouse and are changing the game right now. Xeus slays this and BMike comes through with a tight feature. Expecting more big things from Xeus.

Ride With Me (ASTREAM X LORD PE$O) – JJay De Melo

This that summer vibe, rolling with the windows down and speaker blaring. JJay De Melo has been around the club scene for a minute and watching him transition into joints like this makes me feel like he has a huge future ahead. The hook sets the tone for this track and will have you singing along pretty quickly. Strong guest verse from ASTREAM on this one.

What A Time (ft. Levi & Phantom) – Mike Wang

The GREMLNS again. How do these guys keep getting better?!? The chemistry is so natural, the flows are all crazy – these guys are talented way beyond their years. That auto-tune on Levi’s voice too is something special. Grem Squad can do no wrong.

Slide Remix (Kwasi x Ceeko) – HFNR 

The Calvin Harris original is perfectly produced so I wasn’t sure what to expect on this remix, but I tip my hat – they sure did their thing. This is super catchy, especially that Ceeko vocal on the hook. Another feel good jam.

Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose) – JACKAL

Anfa Rose is my man. You’ll catch me dropping some Anfa everywhere I go, however this one is a bit of a switch up. Love the idea of his voice on an electronic beat, it’s so unique and works really, really well. He’s got heaps of versatility which he shows here; if you’re not listening to Anfa Rose regularly, I don’t know what you’re doing to be honest haha.

Feel it – Liam Ferrari

Same title, different vibe, same quality haha. This reminds me of those early 2000’s RNB, bluelight disco, teenage love type joints – and I love it! The music video suits the song nicely and has done serious numbers since drop. Peep game. Definitely one for the ladies 😉

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