10 BAND$ [The Ca$hest Tracks I’m playing in the Clubs RN]


It’s a special one this month for 10 Band$ because we caught up with DJ Denim, the 19y/o engineering student who doubles as Mallrat‘s DJ, making national waves all the way from a small country town in North Queensland. We got a glimpse at Denims career so far, and she laid down the 10 cashest tracks she’s spinning in the clubs rn 💰.

I met Grace in school and started DJing for her when she became Mallrat, which is almost two years now! I now live on the Gold Coast studying engineering full time/on the road with Mallrat. We’ve played heaps of shows, festivals, just finished tours with Peking Duk and Allday, but the best experience by far has been playing at Splendour! It was unreal – thinking about it is getting me hyped for Listen Out when we can do it all again.


Dex 4AM ft. Allday

I knew straight away this was going to be huge its such a sick collab, we’re introduced to the emotional side of Dex, truly a 4am vibe, super keen to hear more from this talented boy.

Dugong Jr – White Heart (Henrik the Artist Remix)

If you loved the original you’ll fall in love again with this remix!! Henrik puts his spin on White Hearts, definitely a turn up in the club. 

Travy PReal Estate

Big and heavy vocals by Travy P, this tune goes hard, this whole EP goes hard, this one though is the biggest hype, makes you want to stop what your doing and mosh.

Toyotomi HideyoshiOzone 

This is the first track off Toyotomi’s new album ‘Rocketships’, every time I return to it I find a new track I love, it’s loaded with heaps of good tunes & topped with Toyotomi’s smooth flow. 

I Am DAcceptance Speech

I’ve been smashing this one out, his bars are massive, the hook is badass and the bass makes you feel like your really walking up to the podium.

Marksman LloydNOMO 

Marksman Lloyd has been around for a while and he’s reemerging with some fresh stuff, he has that Dylan Joel vibe and oozes confidence, on this track I was sold on the hook, creds to Jia Lih on the production. 

Tuffboys – Pourrr

Fun as to listen to, these Perth boys are riding out that new wave boosted with rocket fuel, super keen on hearing more.

Milwaukee BanksThe City

Milwaukee Banks delivers again, this time nails the old school synths with their genius production and bars smoother than butter. 


Summery afFaraji smashed this production featured his own bars and some by TONTON. I have to admit I’m a new fan of Faraji when I, like most, found him on unearthed, but super impressed at his work. 

G Elenil(Where) My Money

This chic is fiyahself produced and Brisbane based, haven’t heard a lot of similar sounding artists, so she stands out to me with her original voice fueled with attitude.

💰 You can catch Denim playing with Mallrat this Saturday at Listen Out, Melbourne. Plus before that, 11-12am opening our AUD’$ x The Saint Hotel present:
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The morning of Listen Out & a walk away.
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