At just 23-years-old, Trippie Redd has solidified himself as one of the most diverse artists in the world.

His age may come as a surprise given his lengthy time in the game, but people forget that Trippie is nowhere near his full potential as an artist. Despite releasing numerous projects in recent years and playing a big part in the current soundscape of hip-hop in the late 2010s, Trippie is wrongly overlooked as an artist by the hip-hop community.

As a teenager, Trippie Redd rose to fame alongside artists like Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, and Lil Yachty. In 2017, songs like ‘Love Scars’ originally propelled him into the spotlight, as did his first edition of the A Love Letter To You mixtape series.

He had an ear for melody and an aura that energised fans, and while there was room for improvement on technical front, fans resonated with his straight-to-the-point and extremely vulnerable songwriting. It was with his iconic feature on XXXTENTACION’s ‘Fuck Love’ that people really started to pay attention to him as an artist.

He put himself out there, and people started to see the potential artist that Trippie Redd could one day become. His demonstration of diversity and fearless approach to try new things hoped to push the barrier of what modern hip-hop could be, while not straying from its roots. Songs like ‘Missing My Idols’ and ‘Who Needs Love’ showcase his talent across the board, and his numerous projects made people take him seriously.

Trippie continued to intrigue, whether it was perfectly crafted grunge inspired songs like ‘How You Feel’ on 2018’s LIFE’S A TRIP, rap songs like ‘Can You Rap Like Me’ on 2017’s ALLTY or all the rage/rap songs in between that feature heavily throughout his career. Songs like ‘Dark Knight Dummo’ with Travis Scott, ‘Love Scars’, and ‘Miss The Rage’ with Playboi Carti all make up for some of Trippie’s biggest highs, and his projects from 2017 to 2020 were all solid with barely any lows, even proving he could sing heartfelt ballads, like on ‘Loyalty Over Royalty’ or ‘Leray’.

Trippie Redd, in my opinion, is one of the most talented artists on the planet, if the conversation is about pure talent and musical ability. He can do it all. However, the problem with Trippie lies in the direction of his albums, which open him up for valid criticism. At times he seems directionless, perhaps unsure of his signature sound.

He’s many things, but a 20+ song artist isn’t one of them. In recent years, 3 out of his last 4 projects have a minimum of 25 songs, and a max of 29. The length of his albums constantly affects his reputation, although there is unquestionable quality that lies within his tracklists. He harms himself by not creating a good listening experience so that his strengths and quality music are able to shine and be heard.

Released last Friday, his latest project Mansion Musik features almost the entire industry but lacked a rollout and quality control. It’s 25 songs, and while for the most part Trippie’s performance is solid, it’s still hard to justify such a long album. His flows are nice, and his cadence and approach to each track is consistent. A Trippie album never disappoints from a production standpoint but Mansion Musik feels thrown together last minute, and doesn’t feature everything that Trippie excels in.

His earlier work, which is easily his best, are all around the 14-16 song length. They feature different genres and themes, but are all concise enough so that his qualities are highlighted and his listeners are engaged. Each have the balance between experimental songs, hit songs, and songs outside the hip-hop realm. ALLTY5 is scheduled for a release later this year, and will hopefully be the album that Trippie fans have long been waiting for. If so, Trippie should have a proper rollout, focused track list, and a soundscape like previous projects that have allowed him to shine.

Regardless, Trippie Redd’s artistry shouldn’t be a question. He’s undoubtedly good at what he does and hopefully with maturity, he starts to create better atmospheres on his albums. When Trippie finds the lane that he is happy in, hopefully with a healthy balance of genres and less filler, he should be back to his best and reach the heights that he’s narrowly falling short of. He’s proven himself and his quality on countless occasions and commands far more recognition, but instead is met with undeserved, instant mockery. Whatever your own opinions on him, you’d be hard pressed to find an artist as well rounded as Trippie Redd.

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