Championed throughout Melbourne’s underground, Congo-born artist Gradi has been relentlessly working on music under various aliases for over a decade. 

Raised in Kenya before moving to Wodonga, Australia in 2009, Gradi has tirelessly used his artistry as a way of processing past experiences and creating future opportunities for himself and his family. As Gradi, he made his debut in 2018 with the resilient trap anthem ‘I Do Not Play’.

Dropping his BY DESIGN EP the following year, the rapper’s new single proceeds the half-dozen releases in-between and flexes his ‘actions first, words later’ ethos. Signed to ALIA Records, ‘DAILY’ is Gradi’s confident victory lap, celebrating his tireless hustle over the plotting trap production by Billy Reeves with engineering efforts by Satori Mastering.

“I was juggling 2 retail jobs at this point, while trying to make time for music, family and friends. I know there’s people out there who have big dreams, but in order to reach those dreams, there’s sacrifices which you’ll have to make to get there.”

– Gradi.

Directed by Dave Kabii from DKV.Media, the ‘DAILY’ music video follows Gradi late-night driving throughout his self-proclaimed kingdom. From slow-motion shots, crisp colouring and precise transitions, the accompanying visuals compliment the single’s moody and braggadocious energy. 

Check out the exclusive premiere of the ‘DAILY’ music video below!

Photo by Icarus Projects

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