West SYD’s Big Skeezبيج سكيز has already come THRU with the follow up to his massive “Wavy Sessions” EP from a mere 4 months ago. “Pick One” [Wavy Freestyle Part 1] was released Dec 20 last year, and marks the first installment of a series of Wavy Freestyles that we can’t wait for. Since his appearance at Big Swell SYD alongside Lil SpacelyTravy PCult ShφttaHFNRSophie Grophy & many more, Big Skeez has been hard at work blessing us with collaborations like “DopeBoy” w/ the aforementioned Lil Spacely and “Shot Them Down where Skeez linked up with industry veteran Spenda C.

Ca$hest Lyrics:
I got a spanish bitch, white – black and asian
So tell me how am I racist?”

All I need is a bunch of moola fuck you pay me (fuck you pay me)
When I’m swerving hit the gas now I’m gravy (now I’m gravy)

Check out the “Pick One Wavy Freestyle Part 1” music video VIA Facebook below 💰
📽️ Shot by Finesse Entertainment
🎬 Edited by Wavy