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(Katashi Films & DXVNDRE)

In his first solo release in almost a year, Dxvndre returns with the dark and grimy track ‘Grease’. Spending the last half-decade dropping bangers of all flavours and styles, the Eora/Sydney artist proves again why he’s one of the best emcees in the country. Over a beat from BeatzbyJC that is straight out of the Griselda hard drives with punchy drums and a sample equal parts luxurious and sinister, Dxvndre lets us knows he’s not the one to be messed with and calls out rappers who are doing it “for the fuck of it”. Directed by Katashi Films and Dxvndre himself, the visuals show him taking on a Danny Zuko role, flanked by his very own Greased Lightning and his own Sandy Olsson.


ZPLUTO considers all the ‘Possibilities’ of a reckless all-nighter on his latest single. Following 2023’s ‘IDC’ and his more recent feature on Zia Jade’s ‘Safe’, the NZ born and Western Sydney artist shares his best track to date. Drawing on the pop sensibilities of acts like The 1975 and The Kid LAROI, ‘Possibilities’ levels up his artistry with a “different sound that’s out of my comfort zone.” The single is accompanied with a sunny and lo-fi music video show by Robert Milazzo of THE SESH. Since his debut in 2020, ZPLUTO has remained an exciting and unpredictable rising force in the scene. 

(Tonyteni Taulaga)

Juwan marks his return with the lowkey banger ‘Don’t Make No Sense’. Subdued but by no means soft, SOLLYY’s production manages to make your head nod without being overly bombastic, with simple key hits and an Outkast sample perfectly complimenting the simple drums. Throughout, the Yugambeh/Gold Coast rapper keeps a calm and consistent flow but still raps with a clear passion detailing past challenges and moving through the industry. The music video, directed by Tonyteni Taulaga, shows Juwan in a couple of different outfits with the video edited in a way that gives it a scrapbook feel, with the lyrics in a gothic script throughout.

(Jackson Bentley)

Naarm/Melbourne artist Slate Nation extends the Summer vibe just a little longer with new single ‘Body Fire’ featuring Jose Chameleone. With its vibrant beats harmonising seamlessly with addictive percussion, this track invites you to linger in its essence. Its sensuality transcends Slate Nation’s trademark fast-paced Afrobeat tunes like ‘Adheng’ and ‘Kalamat Ta Juba’. Shot in Melbourne by Jackson Bentley, the accompanying visuals capture SN and Ugandan artist Jose Chameleone enraptured by the allure of beautiful women. Being his first release in 2024, hopefully ‘Body Fire’ marks the start of consistent drops. 

(Emillio Dumar)

Melbourne’s answer to teen pop-rap, Drest, takes a step further into heartbreak territory with ‘crash’. Continuing his love of songs that revolve around cars and/or skateboards, ‘crash’ opens with a soft whisper-singing vocal pairing with gentle guitar picking before quickly culminating into a saturated, pulsing chorus. The visualizer is captured by the multi talented Emillio Dumar, who not only shoots video and photo for a good chunk of Melbourne’s underground scene, but has co produced a lot of records for Drest and Dann Dibb. It sounds glossy in the verses, but the hook really cements it as an anthem for live performers that will get the scariest looking bouncer bopping his head.

(Bria Harper, Hannah Schloman)

Meanjin/Brisbane experimental powerhouse Stocker bounces back from hiatus with a stellar performance in ‘Angel’. An ethereal journey, visually and audibly, we hear lines like “I hate your guts but I still let you touch me” over soaring synths, while Stocker frolics in fields and floats in a rowboat like a mediaeval Lady of The Lake – captured in a shiny camcorder grain. It’s giving a middle ground somewhere between Mallrat and Cloe Terare, showing how well Queensland artists influence and collaborate with each other, producing this unique female-led subgenre of alt pop that dips toes into pockets of R&B, rap and hyperpop. Stocker’s strongest track yet, ‘Angel’ shows real artistic vision and songwriting ability, that has the potential to reach the “new heights” the track sees her pining for.

Written by Tahlia La GaliaDeclan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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