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(Connor Pritchard)

Nauti ramps up the release of his new album with visuals for ‘Crash Dummy Muzik’ featuring Duke Deuce. Hailing from Auckland, Nauti has been making waves for the past few years for his willingness to touch every corner of hip-hop whether it be boom-bap, laid-back trap, or in this case, a straight-up banger. Over a bombastic instrumental from Roland Jones and Josh Blair, Nauti comes through with a smooth flow, skating over the track before a guest verse from Memphis rapper Duke Duece. Directed by Connor Pritchard the video has Nauti in a variety of settings including rapping while having his afro picked and rapping surrounded by lasers and drifting cars. Be on the lookout for Nauti’s new album SL500 arriving this week.


VV-Ace proves once again on ‘Neglected’, that he is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s most exciting rising rappers. From a handful of collaborations with lxrdmc like ‘Frank Walker’, Ace has long solidified himself as one to watch. On the new track, the young storyteller discusses his ambitions to go global, ignoring his thoughts and feelings to get there as he climbs to the top through pure drive and talent. “Turning the street to a scene outta Jumanji” is an accurate description, as we see him flouting his prowess across three beats, in various areas of the city, simply doing his thing – and doing it well.

(Christian Tjandrawinata)

Elena explores the shyness of new love on her new track ‘Try’. Out of South Auckland, she’s has spent the last year rapidly building her profile with a string of stunning R&B tracks, and ‘Try’ is no exception. Over a laid-back neo-soul instrumental from Edward Liu, Elena graces the track with her ethereal voice while guest verse Jaevan provides the male perspective. Directed by Christian Tjandrawinata, the music video has them in seperate rooms divided by a lone wall, with the camera tracking back and forth showing how close, yet far, they are from each other. 

(Dylan Guy)

VOLDY arrives with his first single and visualiser for 2024, ‘BLACKSHEEPfreestyle’. Nabbing a late SOTY contender with ‘COLOURED FACES’ featuring Jaal and Mali Jo$e, the Melbourne-based artist is back with another quick blend of quality rapping and smooth vocals. ‘BLACKSHEEPfreestyle’ is lean and to the point, with each bar accented by slight vocal runs over a driving beat from IJALE; it’s atmospheric sounds and vocals taking the track to an even brighter and lighter place. The video has VOLDY in a stunning seaside landscape, surrounded on all sides by vast ocean or enormous cliffs. After spending last year releasing collaborations, this new one reminds everyone he can still hold his own. 


Melbourne underground favourite iwasoscar, formerly known as Hindley, unleashes his second EP this year. Following his debut Victoria’s Secret,  the Boorloo/Perth-born rapper demonstrates an affinity for his artistry and a clear understanding of his aesthetic on his latest project Thru The Gildan. On the final track ‘Frontman Freestyle’, he fires relatable Naarm lines and references to Shawshank Redemption, Biggie, and more. The visualiser captures him in bleached x-ray style performing the track as train lines and flames fold around him in monochrome. Iwasoscar’s raspy tone and sense of humour provide many great one-liners across his fast-growing discography.

(Zoned In Multimedia)

Matthew Craig returns in effortless Tony Soprano fashion on ‘Questionable Behaviours’. The Pass The Lighter artist keeps it on brand for his latest single, delivering smooth entries about Isaac Newton and one-upping the Jay Z dinner with a sesh instead. It plays like a journal entry, giving the impression of a Sopranos dialogue, as we see Craig walking in a green field addressing the camera in his robe and Ray Bans. Following one of his best tracks yet, ‘Rewind’, the Northside MC’s relaxed flow always comes equipped with wise bars and cultural references. 

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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