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(Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore)

Neo-soul powerhouse Kaiit releases her first track in four years, ‘Space’. Making the wait all worth the while, the Naarm/Melbourne artist returns with a new single and music video, via her newly launched label Big Sis Energy Records. ‘Space’ is a boppy jazz-influence offering that radiates good energy while remaining lyrically pensive. Co-directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, the surrealist music video pays homage to her culture as she sings in the car before joining her green glowing ancestors. It’s been over 2 million minutes since her 2019 release ‘Miss Shiney’, and Kaiit reminds us why she’s touted as one of Australia’s best vocalists in under four minutes.

(Tom Grut)

NZ rap group SWIDT arrives in 2024 with ‘PROTOCOLS’ kicking off their SWIDT Music Month. Coming out of South Aukland, the five-piece collective has been at it for nearly a decade with high-quality bars and top-shelf production. The new single begins with a gorgeous golden-era instrumental from Smokeygotbeatz as SPYCC explores the highs and lows of the culture he grew up in. The beat switch turns the song into another gear, with G-Mal spitting a similar verse with a tonne more energy. Directed by Tom Grut, the B&W music video captures the guys spitting among run-down houses and overgrown yards. Followed by ‘BEEP BEEP’ and ‘LIQUID COURAGE’, their Music Month will include new tracks and re-released oldies. 

(Shady Trees)

MAMMOTH. and Eric Spice verge on WESTSIDE JUNKIE with their latest single ‘Simon Says’ featuring Jimmy Harwood. The Melbourne rapper has cultivated a discography built on interesting beat selection and strong lyricism, and his recent collaborations with Spice have only made for darker and moodier additions to his catalogue. Over sparse and haunting production, MAMMOTH. illustrates his problems in relationships, with his identity, and with substances, before coming to a moment of triumph and deciding to “stand for something bigger” than himself. As the song outros, the instrumental picks up as Jimmy Harwood sings the chorus one final time. Shot by Shady Trees, the visualiser cycles through a collection of gloomy B&W shots of their studio space with shots of drug paraphernalia cut between. Mark WESTSIDE JUNKIE as a project to look out for in the coming months.

(Farnoz Shay)

Western Sydney R&B artists are seemingly unstoppable lately, and Chirine is the most recent example with her new single ‘Out Of My Head’. With its bridge sung in Arabic, the self-produced track is giving early 2000s, Destiny’s Child era R&B but with the mixing and expertise of today’s Australian scene. The music video is brought to you by Chirine and Farnoz Shay, and moves through three scenes titled Part I: vices, Part II: rumination, and Part III: temptation. ‘Out Of My Head’ is a sultry display of no f*cks given that will particularly appeal to those still on a high from SZA’s recent tour down under.

(Clap On Clap Off)

Forest Claudette shares visuals to ‘Only Human’ from his recently released EP Jupiter. With eclectic mixes of pop, R&B and Hip-hop, each moment on the four-track project is a pleasant surprise. Over a light and bubbly instrumental from Wyatt Bernard that still packs a definite punch, Forest covers his journey of self-discovery and the struggles that come with it. The visuals are an edit of Claudettes looks in the ‘Kobe Beef’ music video from a few months back, framed inside a broken shard of glass. Speaking on his latest release, Forest says “What I hold most dear in music is being vulnerable and being able to share something that’s true. The fear that comes with that is void, and that’s a powerful thing.”


The 3k prince of hard rap, Jay Zayat, finishes his second annual Hype Month series with the simple and direct ‘BANDS TUCKED!’ For fans of Boler Mani and Playboi Carti, Jay has made a name for himself and his brand of fast-paced, trap verses throughout Melbourne’s underground scene since 2020. Produced and mixed by Caleb Linder from BANTA., the new single is paired with crisp (and crispy) visuals from Canberra-raised, Melbourne-based videographer 44dash. The young artist raps how he “came in the scene too quick, now these bro’s been mad that flow gon’ switch”, referring to his initial start as an EDM producer under a different name, before hard launching the Jay Zayat project. While he began with a flurry of R&B-tinged tracks, he’s ultimately followed his heart towards the hype energy he’s renowned for in his live performances.

Written by Declan Bailey & Aidan Knight.

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