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(76m Films)

Aus Rap’s dynamic superhero duo Fly Boy Jack delivers another catch-cry of quality on their first offering for 2023 ‘Slow You Down.’ Current AUD’$ Producer of The Year JUJO further enhances his credentials on the new drop, merging elements of UK Garage with funk and soul, playing on the tracks title as he switches tempos and moods with ease. LA’s Outlaw The Artist kicks off with the smooth assist, floating on the instrumental about love and lust before the luscious falsetto of Jordan Dennis arrives to send this one to the stratosphere. The All-Star cast is rounded out with Johnny Yayo (another reigning AUD’$ Awards winner) handling the crisp, after-dark, laneway visuals. Simply put. Australia needs to stop sleeping.

(ALMANAC Productions)

Naarm/Melbourne artist YARA delivers another heavenly performance on ‘Bad Behaviour’, her second release of 2023. Co-produced by Alex Garla, the Palestinian neo-soul singer embraces the devil on her shoulder a little more than on her pensive previous release ‘Back Of The Uber’. In the accompanying ALMANAC Productions music video, the deceptively sweet sound contrasts the lyrics and visuals of YARA freeing herself from being the bigger person any longer. A coming of age story of self love in introspective moments, YARA’s debut EP Lonely Love Affair will be released on May 3rd.

(Dylan Guy)

Repping Melbourne’s South-East, Jaal offers listeners a birds-eye-view perspective with ‘Uplate Upearly’. It’s relaxed, but the lyrics are deep, making listeners sit and reflect about whatever’s on your mind. Inspired by Gang Starr and A Tribe Called Quest, Jaal channels the origins of his musical journey over the jazzy beat produced by Melbourne’s JUJO. Shot by Dylan Guy, Jaal posts up in Melbourne’s chinatown-the night lights adding to ‘Uplate Upearly”s mellow aesthetic. Songs like ‘Uplate Upearly’ show Jaal’s extremely high ceiling, and if he keeps this up, he’ll fulfil it.

(Rejjie Fanning, Ari Riley & Jesse Campos)

The leisurely latest release by FRIDAY* feels like the first hit of sun rays on your face when you step outside. In his first solo single of 2023, the Eora/Sydney-based artists’ comforting vocals glisten over the indie R&B production, co-produced by Wesley Hutchinson and Nick Ward. To match the careful craftsmanship of FRIDAY*, the music video for ‘Beaming’ is directed, shot, and edited by Rejjie Fanning, Ari Riley and Jesse Campos. This trio have been behind some of the most impressive visuals recently, including the stellar collaboration between SOLLYY and Zion Garcia on ‘APPLY THE PRESSURE’.

(Aaron Bull & Kreezy Visions)

In his solo career, Mwayz hasn’t missed. First it was ‘Red Flags’, and now he follows up with ‘All Night’ featuring Sailor Goon. His lyricism is tight and his flow is hypnotising; he’s the closest Australia will ever get to The Notorious B.I.G. Over the gorgeous production of Sefru, Mwayz doesn’t let any of the three minute run-time go to waste. ‘All Night’ is one of the smoothest songs of the year, with Sailor Goon‘s warm vocals adding to that bounce this song already has. In the video, directed by Aaron Bull and Kreezy Visions, the two post up at a mansion, and drive around in a Rolls Royce (there’s levels to this game). This song is going to be everywhere, it’s amazing.

(Lachy Hamill)

Make no mistake. Kiz has arrived. Though we’ve been telling you about the Indigenous rapper from the Apple Isle for a minute now, after spending a year in and out of studios in the UK, he’s returned home with renewed confidence and fire in his belly. One of the first to jump on and remix Drake‘s latest ‘Search & Rescue’, the 73 talent shows his dynamic range on the new freestyle, experimenting with melodic flows as he laments some of the circumstances in his life. A link-up with regular collaborator Lachy Hamill on both the audio and video elements, late-night moody street vibes are a fitting visual aesthetic for Kiz’s bars of vulnerability. If you’re a fan of Skem, Complete, or Huskii it’s definitely worth giving this one a peep on THC TV

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