📷 – Sean Pyke

BNE’s tomtom has emerged with some fresh content in the form of ‘95ish‘ (pronounced ninety-five ish), premiered via Pilerats on October 11. Being the first track he has fully sung since featuring on Miss Blanks‘ single, ‘Freq U’, you best believe tomtom has killed this. All while working hard behind the scenes ofc, producing for artists such as Jesswar, G Elenil and May Lin, tomtom stays steadily curating a portfolio stacked with ca$h 💰.

I have a chip on my shoulder. Because where I grew up you had to leave to be an artist or a musician or a creative. But I don’t want to have to leave Brisbane. I want to be able to enjoy the city I love. So a key part of what motivates me is changing that narrative. And when I look around me at all the talented, driven artists I work with and share stages with I can see we’re on the right track. But I won’t stop until I see the culture change, until I see the country change. I want concerts to be as big as Grand Finals. I want people to think of Musician as a job, not a hobby.” – tomtom 

Check out ‘95ish‘ via Soundcloud below & let us know what you think!



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